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Civil court not to have jurisdiction over offences under IT ACT 2000

Apr 30, 2014
Law & Legal

If you have published anything offensive as per IT Act 2008 in Facebook/Twitter/etc., no trial court can entertain any proceeding related to Information Technology offences.

Save 75% on ICUs costs at hospital - Hire a managed ICU service at Home at just Rs.7,000 to10,000 PD

Apr 23, 2014
Fix Health

Why spend Rs. 25,000/- to Rs. 50,000/- per day for ICUs at hospitals when you can have a similar setup at the comfort of your home by spending Rs. 7,000/- to Rs. 10,000/-...A saving of over 75%. This is a nice concept which is very prevalent outside India, but this is now also available in India. For details visit: http://healthcareathomeindia.com/

Revised Schedule Vi -comparative With Old

Jul 7, 2012
Accounting, Finance & Taxation

Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA ) has revised Schedule VI of the Companies Act 1956 which has become applicable from April 1, 2011. A quick comparative between old schedule VI and Revised...

How Do We Fix Something That Seems unfix-able?

Apr 30, 2012
Fix Relationships

Being in any relationship with a serious partner is never easy. Both parties have to work extremely hard to make it work. Marriage is therefore becoming much harder to work at and many are failing to save theirs...! Why is that do you think? Are we too busy to see how our loving relationships are...

Communication With Teenagers

May 4, 2012
Fix Relationships

How do you keep the lines of communication open between yourself and your teenager. I have two teenagers - a 13 year old daughter and a 15 year old son. We have good communication but I want to make sure it stays that way. I'd love to hear any tips and suggestions from others.

Dates - A God's gift...

Nov 24, 2012
Fix Health

Health Benefits of Consuming Dates Dates are free from cholesterol and contain very low fat. Dates are rich in vitamins and minerals. They are rich source of protein,...

What Is Your Social Bank Account Balance?

Jun 26, 2012
Why sharing?

Social Bank Balance is a very new way to look into how much we have contributed to the society/environment...the bank balance here would not mean how much dollars could satisfy your material needs but would mean and represent: [LIST] [*]your contribution/efforts to help the society/environment...

Installing Jelly Bean 4.1/4.2/4.3/4.4 on Galaxy S GT-I9000

Oct 13, 2012
Fix Mobiles/Tablets

The developers hard work have really reached a stage where Galaxy S (GT-i9000) can taste a near stable upgrade to Jelly Bean. Hats off and thanks to all the developers who have still kept this machine afresh and alive. I would sincerely request the users to consider...

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