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Get URL as text from a Hyperlink in Microsoft Excel

Sep 19, 2014

Extracting the actual URl from the hyperlinks is very easy in Excel, you just have to define a simple function and done.

Civil court not to have jurisdiction over offences under IT ACT 2000

Apr 30, 2014
Law & Legal

If you have published anything offensive as per IT Act 2008 in Facebook/Twitter/etc., no trial court can entertain any proceeding related to Information Technology offences.

Section 245 CrPC - A saviour for those who are falsely accused...

Dec 8, 2013
Law & Legal

An accused (if he/she is falsely accused) can file discharge application at any stage of the proceedings as per Section 245 of CrPC, It can also be filed before framing of charges under Section 239 of CrPC. Discharge application can be prepared with the documents received...

Discount Accretion

Jul 7, 2012
Accounting, Finance & Taxation

Accretion means addition or accumulation or accrual . In finance accretion or discount accretion is an...

Nutrition for Children

Dec 1, 2012
Fix Relationships

Good nutrition is the bedrock of lifelong health, and it begins in infancy. Healthy eating can stabilize children’s energy, sharpen their minds, and even out their moods. Unfortunately, kids are bombarded by messages that...

Communication With Teenagers

May 4, 2012
Fix Relationships

How do you keep the lines of communication open between yourself and your teenager. I have two teenagers - a 13 year old daughter and a 15 year old son. We have good communication but I want to make sure it stays that way. I'd love to hear any tips and suggestions from others.

SEFT - Set Emotional blocks Free Technique

Oct 18, 2012
Fix Health

This technique is for getting rid of any emotional upsets or blockages or botherations, either big or small, within a few minutes, without recourse to any medication of any type. This is also excellent for accepting difficult situations, to come out of depressions, to...

Smart Dual SIM Function for all

Oct 11, 2013
Fix Mobiles/Tablets

What is a Smart Dual SIM Function? Samsung introduced this feature known as "Smart Dual SIM function" which basically allows you to take calls from one of the SIM cards while the other is active as well. Smart dual SIM function is...

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