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Fever :: DON'T PANIC...

Sep 11, 2016
Fix Health

Fever cure in 72 hours. in Delhi, where the key speaker on the topic was Dr. Biswaroop Roy Choudhury. In the seminar he stressed upon the fact that how much ignorant the common public is about the topic and how the doctors, at large, are making money out of the ignorance and fear in minds of the patients and their attendants.

Section 245 CrPC - A saviour for those who are falsely accused...

Dec 8, 2013
Law & Legal

An accused (if he/she is falsely accused) can file discharge application at any stage of the proceedings as per Section 245 of CrPC, It can also be filed before framing of charges under Section 239 of CrPC. Discharge application can be prepared with the documents received...

Revised Schedule Vi -comparative With Old

Jul 7, 2012
Accounting, Finance & Taxation

Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA ) has revised Schedule VI of the Companies Act 1956 which has become applicable from April 1, 2011. A quick comparative between old schedule VI and Revised...

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