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Discussion in 'Fix Nature' started by Aditi Basu, Jul 7, 2012.  |  Print Topic

  1. Aditi Basu

    Aditi Basu New Member

    Was seeing a TV program today about pets and shelters for homeless pets and thought I will read more on it on Google. Came upon a page which said that there are two types of shelters for pets. 'Kill' Shelter and 'No kill' shelter and reading about it was truly heartbreaking.

    "Pets in a "kill" shelter are given a grace period (usually a matter of days) while they hope for adoption. Once that grace period runs out however, unless the shelter has room to spare, the animal is humanely euthanised, regardless of potential. Dogs and cats are also euthanised if they seem aggressive or are in very poor health. Kill shelters are not evil, they are, unfortunately a necessary part of life until pet owners become more responsible.
    "No kill" shelters are similar to sanctuaries. Pets are not euthanised regularly, unless they are in very poor health, or dangerously aggressive. "No kill" shelters are almost constantly overflowing and often have animals that have been in residence for years. "

    Being a dog lover I often think of keeping a dog but given my tight work schedule I stop myself because I will not be able to give my pet the time and attention that it needs. Pets give you unconditional love but you need to care and love them as your family member.

    My personal appeal to all those who want to keep dogs or other pets. Please keep pets only if can give it the loving and caring home it deserves. Don't keep a pet and just let it go after a time because you are unable to care for it for whatever reasons.

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