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Your Valuable Feedback...

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by sgopala, Jul 17, 2012.  |  Print Topic

  1. sgopala

    sgopala www.FixMyStuff.org - Let's fix and help fix... Staff Member

    It's been almost 4 months since FixMyStuff.In was launched. Around 22,000 page views, 2,500 unique visitors and 77 registered members and so many interaction with various people, what an amazing and wonderful experience it has been.

    FixMyStuff.In - a platform where all of us can share our day to day experiences which may be of some help to all others. Experiences right from updating your phone to discussing complex human relationships which were posted on this platform would have been surely of some help to atleast a few in the world.

    For the platform to spread and grow, it is very important that we interface with you to undertand; How are we? Where are we? Does this concept make sense? Are we proceeding towards the right direction? Do we need a change? What change? What do we do for people at large to participate here? Lots and lots of questions and all the answers ready with all of you all. What ever comes to your mind reading these questions, please take 2 minutes to post your thoughts here [​IMG]

    We sincerely thank you so much for all you time and effort. Trust, in just a matter of sometime, we would certainly become a platform capable to help lot of people.

    As a special request would also request you to please introduce and share this platform with all whom you know to make this a dream come true.

    Thanks once again

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