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      Read the instructions very carefully and strictly follow the instructions as is or you would end up bricking your phone. Noone, including me would or can be held responsible for any screw-up that you end up with.

      Thanks to the XDA Developers for the attachments and all the knowledge.

      Download the attachments from Here..!

      (i) Your phone should be more than 50% charged
      (ii) Power off your phone
      (iii) Remove SIM and External SD Card
      (iv) Press the Decrease Volume Button + Home Button + Power Button simultaneously and you would see your phone would start in the download mode; do not proceed before you see this screen


      (v) Download the attachments on your desktop.
      (vi) Extract all in a new folder.
      (vii) Close Kies. Open Task Manager and end task Kies.
      (viii) Open Odin3 v1.3.exe
      (ix) Click on PDA and select the file named 'JV9_JV9_JV5.tar'. Click on Pit and select the file named 's1_odin_20100513.pit'. Do not click Phone, CSC, ETC and Dump.Check Auto Reboot, F. Reset Time and Re-partition and Uncheck Dump, Phone EFS Clear and Phone Boot Loader


      (x) Connect your phone through USB. You would see the ID:COM to auto populate the port in a minute. If it doesn't means you don't have the Samsung USB Drivers. Close Odin, Download drivers 64 bit | 32 bit from here and install. Once drivers are installed repeat step (viii) onwards.

      (xi) Once the ID:COM is populated click 'Start' and wait for the following screen where the box above ID:COM states 'PASS' with green background:


      (xii) Your phone will re-start as Original.
      (xiii) Once the Boot-up is over, goto Setting >> Privacy >> Factory data reset and check Erase Everything.
      Congratulations!!! Enjoy you original firmware.
      Hope this helps...please post your comments incase you have any problem, i'll try to solve them.
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