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      Home health services are growing in demand globally because of the mental, emotional, social and sometimes spiritual support it offers to patients who suffer from a critical illness or have undergone a major surgery. Home health care is known to have a telling effect on the well-being of such patients due to the following major reasons:

      Patients donate feel constrained as they typically do in hospitals and are independent enough to bring normalcy to their daily routine, under home health care plans.

      Peace of Mind
      "Home sweet home" can have a reassuring effect on patients and this comforting feeling achieved through home health care is known to hasten their recovery.

      Morale Boost
      Being around family and friends can lift spirits that usually dip drastically post the discovery of a major illness and a subsequent surgery with home health care plan.

      Quality of Life
      With rising affluence, families are accustomed to a certain quality of life and are willing to expend what it takes to maintain it.

      Worldwide Trend
      Many Indians with global exposure have already experienced, and are well acquainted with the many advantages of home health care.

      Consistent Care
      Home health care is the perfect bridge between the expert care at hospital and the negligent care in the domestic environment.

      Confines of our homes can guarantee the confidentiality of many specific treatments which patients would like to keep under wraps, under home health care plan.

      Ongoing discussions with home health service specialists empower the patients and give them greater control over their treatment with complete clarity of the options available.​


      Apart from the multitude of positives to patients and families, the main reason for the success of home health services is that it perfectly complements and in fact, greatly serves the key interests of all the key players of the conventional healthcare system. Reasons why the health care industry extends its full support to the home health service sector are:
      Benefits for Doctors
      Takes the routine treatment of many patients away from the hospital / clinic setting, thus allowing them to focus on more complex clinical work
      Allows the doctor to have a greater caseload
      Enhances the doctor's reputation for patient-centered care

      Benefits for Hospitals
      Reduces risk of infectionsReduces risk of re-admissions
      Increase capacity (‘virtual beds’)
      Reduces Average Length of Stay (ALOS) for many patient categories (e.g. post-operative care, IV antibiotics etc), thus enabling more potential revenue-generation
      Significantly reduces OPD workload where appropriate
      Reduces crowding (fewer patients and families)
      Benefits for Insurers
      Reduces costs of treatment
      Reduces risk of re-admissions​
      Did you know?

      Patients receiving discharge programmes in conjunction with home health services are less likely to be readmitted to hospital with complications (37.1% vs 20.3%)

      The majority of patients prefer to convalesce in their own environment following surgical intervention.

      73% of patients state that they would prefer to receive their chemotherapy at home as part of home health care than in hospital.

      Levels of patient satisfaction have been found to be higher when receiving home health care, specifically with regard to information received and nursing care.​

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