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      There can be 3 outcomes when you flash/root with your device:

      Successful Flash/Root: You were able to get what you wanted and for sure you would not be the one reading this :)

      Unsuccessful Flash/Root: Something went wrong in your flashing/rooting and you get stuck with:

      Boot Loop: The quick way is to get into the recovery with the 3 button combo, select "factory reset/wipe data/cache". If the loop continues, try flashing the ROM again. Please note that 3e recovery will not allow the installation of .zip files that aren't signed by Samsung. Then you have to flash to a rooted kernal and get 2e recovery Clockwork recovery. Read my other article on "How to root GT-i9000?"

      Black Srceen of death: If after the flash you see just the following image on the screen, means you have to use a JIG to enter into the download mode. But the good news is that you still have very good chances of getting you device working. A JIG is a small USB circuit which sends a message to the boot loader to enter into the download mode.


      JIGs are available online for sale but trust me it is not at all difficult to make one youself and save money :) To make one youself, you just need a micro USB plug (Type: Micro-B) and a 301k resistor (even 3x100k and 1x1k will do, just that they have to be soldered in series properly).


      1. Solder the resistor (if multiple resistor, the solder all of it in a series first) across pins 4 and 5 of the micro USB plug. Do not do this with the plug plugged in to the phone as the heat could damage the phone's USB socket. The pins are shown in this diagrams below.

      Samsung Galaxy S Download mode JIG diagram.jpg

      2. Make sure that your phone is fully charged before you start this activity

      3. Make sure the phone is fully switched off by pulling the battery, waiting 5 minutes, then replacing the battery. Do not switch the phone on.

      4. To avoid touching the pins on the back of the plug or the resistor(s) as you are plugging it in (as your skin resistance could affect the resistor value seen by the phone) I would advise to tape the JIG to hide the naked circuit.

      5. Connect the rigged USB plug to the phone. You do not need to press the power button. After a few seconds the phone should go into download mode.


      6. Disconnect the rigged USB plug and connect a regular USB cable from your PC to the phone, then you should be able to flash using Odin.

      Dead Phone: If your phone screen is always black, that is it does not display the white Galaxy S/Samsung/Provider's logo when you switch it on, then sorry, this jig will not help you. In this case you should try changing the battery before you finally declare your phone dead.

      Diclaimer: Read the instructions very carefully and strictly follow the instructions as is or you would end up bricking your phone. Noone, including me would or can be held responsible for any screw-up that you end up with.[fbpop][/fbpop]
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