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      This technique is for getting rid of any emotional upsets or blockages or botherations, either big or small, within a few minutes, without recourse to any medication of any type. This is also excellent for accepting difficult situations, to come out of depressions, to avoid anger, to overcome bitterness with others or in oneself, to disband the dislike for a person or for a vegetable or for a subject in school, to get out of naggings of poor performance in exams, etc. This can be used for a variety of situations in life to distress emotionally.

      This can be done on a daily basis or at any other shorter duration to keep ourselves clean of emotional tangles and does not need any preparations. This can be used by anyone in a language s/he understands. This can be used by men and women as well as by children/sr citizens.

      In general, human beings are ruled by Emotions and it is essential to remove negative emotions/feelings/blocks so that the individuals are more comfortable from within at physical, emotional and mental levels leading to their well-being. When emotions torment us, there is every possibility for the health to get upset.

      This SEFT technique can be used for mood changing, to come out of depression, dislikes, hate, unpleasant situations, failures, other negative tendencies, procrastination, to get out of boredom and suicidal tendencies, disgust, contempt, etc. This is very useful to improve the desire to meditate as well.

      This technique may take 8-10 minutes in the initial stage but subsequently may take only about 2- 3 minutes if one has understood it. The advantage of this technique is that it can be translated into any language which is easily understood by the individual doing this SEFT

      This technique can be done several times in a day to come out of emotional upsets. The emotional upset could be due to reasons like the milk overflowing while heating it, or the bitterness between the husband and wife or the son and father or even the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law or the usual cold situation between the senior and the junior colleagues, etc.

      The situation for which we can do SEFT is limited only by our reasoning/thinking. This could be used for hundreds of situations which could be appearing as unsolvable or may seem to be very trivial or very ordinary.


      SEFT works wonders on the person doing this technique irrespective of age or gender. After doing this technique one may compare the change in feelings with earlier situation that was doing before SEFT on an arbitrary scale of 1-10 with 1 being for nice/good/positive feelings and 10 for worst/most unbearable feelings. A person can repeat the SEFT to bring the feeling to a very low level such as 2 or 1. The number judgment has to be quick and almost instantaneous after doing SEFT without much ponderance over it. Some individuals may not be able get a number on the scale of 1-10 numbers but may say the bad/sad feeling is reduced. This is also fine and if done repeatedly (for the same topic or situation), the feelings will get reduced and after sometime may not feel bad/sad at all.

      TOPICs and SUB-TOPICs

      Each Emotional upset could be handled using it as a topic (such as feeling dislike) and there can be many sub-topics or points under that topic covering the various aspects of how the individual feels about the dislike and why the feeling came up, etc. For example,'A' is doing SEFT and 'A' is not liking 'B' is the Topic, the sub-topics or points can be of various feeling patterns such as A does not like to look at B, , A is scarred of B, , A does not want to talk to B, A is full of anger for B, A disregards B, A hates B, B spoiled the future of A, B hit A, etc, etc


      The SEFT has 4 steps and involves tapping (neither gently nor too hard) at certain body points with middle finger or index finger or a pen or blunt pencil. The tapping should have some impact on the body points. The body points are broad locations and tapping could be done as close as possible to these points which are shown in the figure.

      STEP-I: Repeat/Tell repeatedly this Sentence 3 times after filling in the blanks with the emotional problem one is facing, by continuously tapping at the chest point(7):
      EVENTHOUGH..............................................., I DEEPLY AND COMPLETELY ACCEPT MYSELF.
      For example,

      1) Even though, I feel depressed, I deeply and completely accept myself.
      2) Even though, I have failed in exams, I deeply and completely accept myself.

      STEP-2: Tap each of the the 13 body points, while repeating the Phrase (the emotional problem that was filled in the blanks above) that is, I FEEL DEPRESSED as in Example No:1 or I HAVE FAILED IN EXAMS as in Example No:2. Tap about 7 times while telling the Phrase once or more depending upon the length of the Phrase and whether it is sufficient enough in duration to tap 7 times. Tap on the left side body points

      STEP-3: Continuously tap at the TOTAL (T) body point (located between wrist and knuckle of ring finger on the backside of left hand ) by doing each of the following 9 actions for a few econds:
      a) close both eyes, b) open the eyes, c) rotate both eyes in one direction, d) rotate eyes in the other direction, e) look down with both eyes to the right, 6) look down to the left, 7) hum a song you like, 8) count one to five and 9)hum a song again

      STEP-4: Repeat the Step - 2 in the right side of the body. Points 4 & 5 will be the same as they are in the center of the body
      Now the individual can scale the feeling at the moment and keep repeating SEFT a few times to increase the nice/better/improved feeling.

      BODY POINTS: 1)eye brow, 2) side of the eye, 3)under the eye, 4) under the nose, 5)chin,6)collar bone, 7)chest point, 8) Under arm, 9) root of thumb nail, 10) root of index finger nail, 11) root of middle finger nail, 12) root of little finger nail, 13) karate chop area


      In case any clarification is required, email may be sent to [email protected].

      This is a preventive health care technique and is not a curative and is not a substitute if the individual is in need of medical care/aid.[fbpop][/fbpop]

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