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      Social Bank Balance is a very new way to look into how much we have contributed to the society/environment...the bank balance here would not mean how much dollars could satisfy your material needs but would mean and represent:
      • your contribution/efforts to help the society/environment
      • the effectiveness or value your contribution/effort has added in one's life or this world
      • the number of people/others in the society/environment whom you were able help
      • your contribution in increasing the helping community
      The Social Bank Account Balance helps you realize how amazing it feels as a human to have helped the society/enviroment; makes you feel proud of yourself, makes you feel satisfied, makes you feel good that you have contributed to the best of your capability in whatever way you could to this society/environment. And trust me, it is an amazing feeling which can't be expressed but just experienced.

      We, at FixMyStuff.In, have implemented a very unique and simple way for you access yourself as a social contributor. We have tried to correlate and link each of the above goals to an action and the actions in turn would result in a credit/debit to your social bank account, like,
      • your contribution: for each post you get a credit of $250 [post should be atleast of 500 characters]
      • the effectiveness and number: for each like you earn $50, for each unlike you loose 100$
      • spread the community: for each converted referral, you earn $50
      This way your bank balance would represent your score against your wish to contribute to the society/environment.

      As a new way of looking into social contribution, this may make sense to some and no sense to some, however, we would still like to implement this and get a feedback on the system.

      This is a little effort that FixMyStuff.In as a platform could do to make you realize the contribution you make as a human to the rest of the society/environment.

      Enjoy banking,

      Cheers, Team FMS
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